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Buckingham Fountain

By Daniel Murray Midtown Reporter     

One of the most unique features in Chicago are the fountains. In the northern section of downtown, there is Buckingham Fountain. The address is 500 S. Columbus Dr. Chicago, IL.  This fountain was completed on August 26, 1927, being one of the largest fountains in the world. Buckingham Fountain holds 1,500,000 U.S. gallons of water. Another large fountain in the world is Jet d’ Eau located in Geneva, Switzerland. This fountain jets 500 liters of water to an altitude of 459 feet. This fountain was installed in 1896.  This fountain was donated by Kate Buckingham to honor her brother Clarence Buckingham. “Clarence Buckingham Fountain” is actually its official name.  The total cost of the fountain was $750,000, plus $300,000 for maintenance.

Buckingham Fountain is open from April through October 8am to 11pm. The fountain operates daily water shows throughout the day, and evening color-light shows. Last time I visited in mid-June, I found out that they had a water show where the water arose 150 feet. I first  heard about this because last time I went there a tourist asked me if I knew at what time the water rose, then I wanted to see it, and it was amazing. Eventhough the fountain is closed throughout the winter it still has decorative Christmas Lights in the winter. At the Buckingham Fountain they have benches, bathrooms, and food stands. It is easily accesible from all parts of the city and is walking distance from the Art Institute, Hotels, Navy Pier, Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium. Every night throughout the summer they have concerts, the last one starting at 10 pm.

The architects that designed this fountain were Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett. The statues were created by Marcel F. Loyau. In 1994, the fountain received $2.8 million which were used to restore the three smallest basins which were leaking because of Chicago’s rough winters.  The most recent renovation took place in September 2008.

Fountains are a beautiful feature all over the world. They all exist in different sizes, building materials, and water patterns. One unique thing about fountains is that they are visible and free unlike most attractions. So next time you’re bored, whether you live in Chicago or not, it may be a good idea to visit a nearby fountain.


Getting in the Habit to Bike is Easy

Getting in the Habit to Bike is Easy.


Lincoln Park Zoo

By Daniel Murray

Midtown Reporter

Tiger at Linoln Park Zoo.

Have you ever been to Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo? Lincoln Park Zoo was founded in 1868, making it one of the oldest zoos in the nation. The land area includes 35 acres and 1,250 animals. Besides animals, Lincoln Park has a variety of stores, restaurants, and a pond where you can rent a boat.

My favorite animals are the wildcats and giraffes. I enjoy seeing these animals because I get to learn more about them and see them live rather than in paper or TV. At Lincoln Park Zoo they have animal information helping you to learn basic information about the animals such as life span, habitats and group they belong to. Every time I go there, I learn a new lesson.

Lincoln Park Zoo is fairly large and has a good selection of animals, ranging from birds to giraffes. Whenever I’m bored and I can’t think of a good place to visit I always mention the zoo as my first option I do this because it is free, and it is open 365 days a year. It is always relaxing and has many indoor buildings you can use in severe weather. During the winter time they have a lights show, starting from Christmas up until New Year.

Unlike most attractions, the zoo is open 365 days a year, and it is always free.

What I like about wildcats is that they have a big selections. These include cougars, leopards, lions and tigers. Of all those animals I like cougars more.  Cougars have more than one name. Leopards really interest me because they have more than one habitat. In fact there’s even one that is called a snow leopard, and at the same time a leopard that lives in dry places like the desert. The other thing that I like about all these cats is that they are always light colored, whereas wild dogs are not. And depending on the animal they have unique, creative patterns on their bodies. Lastly, male lions have hair in their heads and female lions are hairless. That’s the opposite of how it normally is in humans.

Getting in the Habit to Bike is Easy

People biking on the lakefront

By Daniel Murray Midtown Reporter

How to Bike Consistently?

Biking involves “quick learning”. You can pretty much learn it at any age. Little children can learn it as early as age four or five.  I personally skipped it for 4-5 years and had very little difficulty getting back on track. It took me the grand total of…two years.

Now, for those of you who aren’t prideful, training wheels are great confidence-booster when starting to relearn biking. However, for those of us who would be too embarrassed being seen riding with training wheels at the age of seventeen, here is some other advice on how to start biking again.

Biking is easy; biking is not scary. Some people might be frightened about getting injured, falling over,getting hit by traffic, not knowing the rules of the road, etc. After getting used to it you should not be worried about anything bad happening to you, rather careful.

It is not scary at all. It just takes self discipline.  I learned how to bike at the age of six, took a break of  5 years, and started again at 11. The way I learned to bike was with training wheels when I was little, also by someone holding on to the bike as I peddled slowly.

You can try biking at many different places such as your sidewalk, the park, road, and if you live on the Chicago lakefront.

Bikes exist in different styles, brands, and sizes. Most bikes, though not all have gear shifts which help you choose the right speed for you. Often times the lowest gear helps you go uphill with less difficulty.

Biking is a unique sport for many reasons. Other than being a sport it could be a hobby, mode of transportation, and form of being competitive. It is good for your health because it helps you lose weight, it also works your feet and legs as well as help your respiratory, and circulatory systems.

The Advantages of “Biking” Mentality

The Advantages of “Biking” Mentality.

The Advantages of “Biking” Mentality

By Daniel Murray

Midtown Reporter

Cyclists racing in the Tour de France

Have you ever thought about biking? Biking seems like a huge hobby and mode of transportation for many people  in the 21st century. All over our world, we see people biking. As an avid biker myself, let me give you a few reasons why biking can make a positive impact in your life.

  1. A really good thing about biking is that it becomes an extra form of entertainment. You can easily watch it on TV and go to actual races. Biking is also a common sport by itself and is commonly mixed with other sports. Triathletes, for example, participate in swimming, biking, and running. Competitions range from national events to more local games, such as  Morgan Park L.A. Fitness Indoor TriathlonTraining for a Triathlon

     Have you ever thought about the environment and all the problems pollution causes? This is a big issue in the world and in some neighborhoods of Chicago. Every day, you see a bunch of cars on the streets and they are all releasing a bunch of harmful substances. Biking, however, does not release any toxics or carbon dioxide and can serve as a cleaner mode of transportation. 

Obesity is a big problem in our world, especially with all the new foods in fast food restaurants, and all the companies that are tricking us. For example, Mc Donalds always encourages us to try their new salads, and say the good things about their foods. Sadly enough, the salad dressings you get in McDonalds contain just as much fat and calories as a McDouble on the dollar menu. 

There are a bunch of ways in which people can lose weight. In my opinion biking a fun, easy, and quick way of loosing a couple pounds. Besides helping you lose weight biking can also strenghten your legs and extend all the muscles and bones; especially on your legs and feet. Lastly, biking can help your heart and lungs. Heart and Lung disease is another factor that is killing people in our world. Also, many people don’t always like exercising. While you’re biking you increase your breathing rate. That practice helps you have healthier and stronger Lung and Heart tissue. Hope this helps.

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