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The Advantages of “Biking” Mentality

June 30, 2012

By Daniel Murray

Midtown Reporter

Cyclists racing in the Tour de France

Have you ever thought about biking? Biking seems like a huge hobby and mode of transportation for many people  in the 21st century. All over our world, we see people biking. As an avid biker myself, let me give you a few reasons why biking can make a positive impact in your life.

  1. A really good thing about biking is that it becomes an extra form of entertainment. You can easily watch it on TV and go to actual races. Biking is also a common sport by itself and is commonly mixed with other sports. Triathletes, for example, participate in swimming, biking, and running. Competitions range from national events to more local games, such as  Morgan Park L.A. Fitness Indoor TriathlonTraining for a Triathlon

     Have you ever thought about the environment and all the problems pollution causes? This is a big issue in the world and in some neighborhoods of Chicago. Every day, you see a bunch of cars on the streets and they are all releasing a bunch of harmful substances. Biking, however, does not release any toxics or carbon dioxide and can serve as a cleaner mode of transportation. 

Obesity is a big problem in our world, especially with all the new foods in fast food restaurants, and all the companies that are tricking us. For example, Mc Donalds always encourages us to try their new salads, and say the good things about their foods. Sadly enough, the salad dressings you get in McDonalds contain just as much fat and calories as a McDouble on the dollar menu. 

There are a bunch of ways in which people can lose weight. In my opinion biking a fun, easy, and quick way of loosing a couple pounds. Besides helping you lose weight biking can also strenghten your legs and extend all the muscles and bones; especially on your legs and feet. Lastly, biking can help your heart and lungs. Heart and Lung disease is another factor that is killing people in our world. Also, many people don’t always like exercising. While you’re biking you increase your breathing rate. That practice helps you have healthier and stronger Lung and Heart tissue. Hope this helps.


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