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Getting in the Habit to Bike is Easy

July 9, 2012

People biking on the lakefront

By Daniel Murray Midtown Reporter

How to Bike Consistently?

Biking involves “quick learning”. You can pretty much learn it at any age. Little children can learn it as early as age four or five.  I personally skipped it for 4-5 years and had very little difficulty getting back on track. It took me the grand total of…two years.

Now, for those of you who aren’t prideful, training wheels are great confidence-booster when starting to relearn biking. However, for those of us who would be too embarrassed being seen riding with training wheels at the age of seventeen, here is some other advice on how to start biking again.

Biking is easy; biking is not scary. Some people might be frightened about getting injured, falling over,getting hit by traffic, not knowing the rules of the road, etc. After getting used to it you should not be worried about anything bad happening to you, rather careful.

It is not scary at all. It just takes self discipline.  I learned how to bike at the age of six, took a break of  5 years, and started again at 11. The way I learned to bike was with training wheels when I was little, also by someone holding on to the bike as I peddled slowly.

You can try biking at many different places such as your sidewalk, the park, road, and if you live on the Chicago lakefront.

Bikes exist in different styles, brands, and sizes. Most bikes, though not all have gear shifts which help you choose the right speed for you. Often times the lowest gear helps you go uphill with less difficulty.

Biking is a unique sport for many reasons. Other than being a sport it could be a hobby, mode of transportation, and form of being competitive. It is good for your health because it helps you lose weight, it also works your feet and legs as well as help your respiratory, and circulatory systems.


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